Getting First 1,000 Followers on Social Networks


Number of Followers is one of the important metrics that has tons of meaning especially for the confidence of the social media manager and the distribution of the content you share.

If you want to increase your followers, there are a lot of useful tactics to try.

In this post, you can find some key techniques which are all about the ways to get that first initial batch of followers on some of the popular social media networks.

Top general strategies for improving your audience

Not matter which social network you choose, high-level strategies are the same to apply to get new followers on every network like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Instagram.

If you want to create your profile and add new followers, there are some of the standard best practices.

  • Complete your profile
  • Place a link to your profile via your other social platforms and via email
  • Share follow links and widgets on your website or blog
  • Insert your new social profile on your email signature

Getting your first 1,000 followers on Twitter

Step one: Complete your profile

This Contains:

  • Selecting one or two keywords or hashtags to write an awesome bio.
  • Placing your location and URL – for adding context URL as well as getting found via search and geographic tools location it is great.
  • Using a cover photo and profile picture and.
  • Starting your Twitter account with 5 to 10 original Tweets
  • Adding emoji to your name

You can use the Pinned Tweet feature to pin a tweet to the top of your profile page, if you want to get your profile even more optimized.

Select a tweet that contains what your Twitter profile is all about.

Step two: Place a link on your profile via other social networks and via email

Make your friends aware on Facebook that you’ve started a Twitter account.

Place an announcement to your next Brand newsletter or in an email to friends.

Step three: Insert a Follow button on your website or blog

Twitter provides four types of buttons which you can use to allow visitors to connect with you on Twitter.

  • Share a link
  • Follow
  • Hashtag
  • Mention

The Follow button is the major direct means of getting more followers.

You should put it in a popular place on your website or blog. For instance, you can add the follow button to the author profiles on your blog.

Step four: Follow relevant accounts.

On Twitter, many people will follow back those who follow them.

This is a common strategy for those just beginning on Twitter to help connect with others, and thanks to Twitter lists, people can customize details they see on Twitter, which makes following a lot of people easier to manage.

Sorting the list of followers by recent activity to optimize it.

Follow about 100 account which seems relevant and interesting to you.

You should know to follow more than 100 per day will put you at a risk for the Twitter ban.

‘JustUnfollow’ as a tool can help you to balance out your follower/following ratio.

You can check into this tool to ‘unfollow’ any accounts that haven’t followed you back.

It has an option that called ‘whitelist’, so you can skip over the accounts you wish to keep following no matter what.

Step five: relevant hashtags

People outside of those you follow will be exposed to your tweet when you use a hashtag.

‘Focalmark’ is an app which helps you to find the best hashtags to use.

It helps you to produce relevant hashtags based on the theme or topic you’re looking for.

Get your first 1,000 fans on Facebook

Step one: Complete Your Page

On Facebook, an incredible level of detail and information is the Facebook page.

Many Brands even use them as their main website.

Your Brand can maximize its chance of gaining as many followers as possible.

Fill out your profile as thoroughly as possible.

  • About section
  • URL
  • Profile picture & cover photo/video
  • Profile theme or template
  • Call-to-action button
  • Address
  • Long description and mission
  • Phone number or/and email address
  • If you want, see content on the page create several updates

A great tactic to gain Facebook followers that we share in our Facebook Page starter guide is to create a great first impression by improving the eye-catching ability of your Facebook cover photo.

We placed a video on our Page which now has more than 2,700 views.

Step two: Invite your friends

On Facebook, there is an option which you can select it to Invite Your Friends and send them an invitation.

It is a good tip to select a handful of friends you think would be most interested rather than blasting the invitation to all.

Step three: Place a link to your profile via other networks and via email

Share your Facebook page URL to your followers by twitting it on Twitter.

Step four: On your website add Facebook buttons

Facebook provides a lot of helping widgets and buttons that you can insert to your site.

The complete list of their social plugins:

  • Save Button
  • Like, Share, Send, & Quote
  • Embedded Posts & Video Player
  • Page Plugin
  • Comments
  • Follow Button

The ‘Like’ button and Share button are two of your best bets, if you want to get more followers on your Facebook page.

You can set URL of your Facebook page and for showing a feed of your posts edit options, the height and width of the box, and a handful of other options if you’d choose the Like or ‘Like Box button’.

Step five: Facebook advertising

Facebook lacks many of the options of getting your name out there.

With the sheer mass of users and a news feed algorithm, paying a bit for extended reach and boost can help.

Some Tips:

To those interested in your niche use advertising.

Retarget the ads to audiences who have visited your blog or webpage.

Step six: On your blog try a Facebook call-to-action.

Your brand can have a handful of calls-to-action on its blog, including your HelloBar at the top of the page and a slide up box that appears as you scroll.

Either of these could be used for Facebook calls-to-action as well.

Get your first 1,000 followers on Pinterest

Step one: Complete your Profile

There is a distinction between individual users and business users on Pinterest.

Your Brand can switch from your individual account to a business account at any time, therefore you enjoy features like customized ‘Pin It buttons’ and widgets, rich pins and more.

To complete the information on your profile fully, when viewing your profile, just click the gear icon and then “Account Settings.” Clicking the “Edit Profile” icon lets you edit only the basic data and nothing deeper.

You can fill out the following in Account Settings:

  • Email
  • Business type
  • Contact name
  • Business name
  • Profile picture
  • Custom username and vanity URL
  • About section
  • Location
  • Website
  • Connected social networks

Pinterest can step your brand through verification options that will allow with their Rich Pins services as well as put a verified icon to the website on your profile for the website, which give potential followers more confidence in following you.

Step two: Place a link to your profile via other social networks and via email

On Twitter or Facebook publish an update with a link to your Pinterest page.

Just share your page with your email list. Pinterest makes it easy to do so.

Step three: On your website or blog add a Pinterest button

Pinterest provides five styles of widgets and buttons that you can place on your website.

  • Pin It button
  • Follow button
  • Pin widget
  • Profile widget
  • Board widget

To get the content on your website more traction on Pinterest just use The Pin It button.

To build the Follow button just enter your Pinterest URL and your full name.

For placing wherever you’d like the button to appear you will get an HTML code.

If you like to display an interactive preview of all your pins or just the pins from a particular board, the profile and board widgets will let you do them.

Step four: Just follow your competitors’ followers’ boards

Matthew Barby has many great strategies for gaining more initial followers on various social networks.

This is a great strategy that he has tested for Pinterest with great success:

Seek a selection from Pinterest pages of your competitors and click on their followers.

For around two weeks go through and follow about 50-100 of their followers’ boards each day.

Based on hashtags relevant to your niche, you can also search for users.

Create around 5 and 10 boards of your own that cover across a range of different topics.

You need the aim to create other 3-4 boards every week.

From your website, pin as much content as possible into a selection of your different boards.

To each pin, put long descriptions with around 2-4 hashtags.

At one time don’t pin too many things.

No more than 10-15 pins in an hour try to stick.

Do twice a day, go through your feed and repin about 10 pins onto your different boards

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