How to get the first investment in your startup?


Owning an Independent business is everyone’s dream but when it comes to starting a small business we are often frightened because we do not know where to start. Most of us do not have enough money to start our own business and we are also confused about getting initial capital. But what’s more frightened is the importance of starting an independent business. Sometimes our dreams and thoughts are so good that we need to make them come true. If you have a lean idea and have taken it a step further and started your startup, you need financial support. In this article we show you how to get the first investment in your startup, so keep reading.

What you need to know about first investment in your startup

So let’s think you have entered a new phase, you have started your startup and are raising funds to expand it. First of all, you have to remember that to attract investors and investment, you have to bring your idea to a great extent. Making a test sample is the best option. Of course, in some cases, you can also attract investors with your raw ideas, which is a detailed discussion. In this article, we will assume that you have created your prototype and are looking to raise funds. So the recommendations that we will mention below are when you are meeting with an investor and you are going to attract a positive opinion of your project.

Finding Investors Online

Remember first of all you have to look professional, you need to use all available accessories to do this. In today’s digital and modern world, nothing more than the appearance of a modern face can affect investors. Investors need to feel that you are well aware of what you are doing. So first open a profile to investment sites. There are a lot of them that you can Count on it. Angel is one of these sites but you can find even more sites on the internet. Do not be afraid to use these sites, do not think that these sites will not produce results. In fact, with the advent of technology these days, online investment methods have become popular.
This kind of sites allows you to be seen and get good ideas from others, In fact, this site is like a great reference. Creating a complete profile with all the information you need will give your startup an official edge. So it may attract investors, In addition, remember to be more careful about your ideas, prototypes, and honours.

Importance of Social media

Let us first admit that it is difficult to get the first investment in a business. Yes, no one disagrees with this, but you must remember that it is not impossible and even your first investment may be the best. If you believe in your idea, you have to be confident, in step two you should be seen. Certainly, the investors themselves will not be following you by accident, so you should motivate them to find you. At this point, you should not ignore the miracle of social media, Create business-specific pages for yourself on social networks. For example, LinkedIn is a very good example. This business social network has fans all over the world. Both investors and service providers can be found on this site. Startups or even freelancers will increase their professional reputation by creating an account on this site.
Remember, the first positive experience will be through the eyes, so you need to be good in first sign, good photos are the best idea. Enter accurate and complete information on the social network. Enter your communication paths completely and clearly, Publish short texts on your pages explaining your business. Remember long texts are boring and your audience may not be interested in reading them. Everything you upload to these pages should be interesting at first glance and convey your idea.

Take the first step yourself

After the steps above, you do not need to sit and wait for investors. You can take it a step further and reach out to them, which is a smart step. There may be many investors in your business, try not to be afraid. You can easily find out about the investment history of these institutions and their interests by simply searching. Remember that your investment company should be interest in your business. With a simple email, you can send your idea, scope and prototype to investment companies.
If they become interested in your plan, they will arrange their next appointment. Remember, your email should be very clever, you don’t have to bring all the attraction to this email. The email should be concise and comprehensive, Keep details for appointment day. Explain your idea and what makes it special. Explain why this company should invest in your idea, Give them a reason to choose.

Appointments to impress investors

Congratulations, at this point you have to get ready to go to Appointment. So you are very close to getting the first investment in your startup. Now you have an opportunity to turn it into progress. Importance may also increase the stress of this meeting, which is quite natural. Here are some tips for you that will greatly relieve your stress. Make a list, before you go to a business appointment, your speech should be thoughtful and clever. So you need to first explain in a brief introduction about yourself and your startup. Remember, the first sentences are the most important, these statements can interest or bother investors.
First of all, choose short sentences, Talk simple, and Try to use interesting information. Next, you can use visual aids, you can use software like PowerPoint with charts and statistics to make your idea to understand better. Remember, you have to know all the numbers beforehand, if you are asked a question, approximate answers like “I don’t know” are like a Suicide. Try to get accurate information on percentages of profit, initial production, production costs and exact numbers. Investors need to feel that you have information about everything, Try to talk about what they saw, as part of your speech. Give them reasons to benefit from investing in your startup, convince them that it will be a mutual benefit investment.

Last word

If you are confident in your idea, you can invest sooner or later, so don’t worry. The important thing is to try not to look for an investor until you are completely confident. You need to be sure of all your aspects so you can convince others. If you missed an appointment, don’t worry, you can always find another appointment. It is important to learn from your previous work and correct your mistakes.

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