A challenge called Business to Government startup


Business to Government or B2G startups are a whole lot different from other startups and they have to be able to handle the pressure of working within more regulations. But it doesn’t mean that success in this kind of startup is impossible and in this article we will take a look at Business to Government startups and the ways you can make it in this type of startup environment.

Obey the law, register all required stuff

There are many regulations for companies but when you want to work with government, well then there are tons of extra one’s for you. Before starting your Business to Government startup, first get to know what kind of incenses you have to register and which authorization you must get. At the end of the day, having them will help you prevent any unnecessary headache when you face government bodies.

Prove yourself first

Don’t start a startup in Business to Government style. It’s extremely hard to do anything like that. First go for other ecosystems and prove your worth there. Then you can move to Business to Government world and work in this field. It may take time but it’s extremely rare to go to B2G without a resume from other fields of work.

Use partnership in Business to Government contracts

There is a joke that says when you want to work with government, they ask for individuals under 30 with 35 years of experience. This kind of impossible equations are obviously jokes but if you want to work in Business to Government startup then you should know that government bodies always ask for highest experience to get the best chance of success.

You may not have the experience to gain their trust at the beginning but later on you will earn it. So what you can do is getting a partner whom the Government trusts. You can get contracts using this method. At first it will reduce your profit but it will let you gain agencies trust and that means you will get more contracts later.

Learn to be hard

Soft people will get crushed in Business to Government working environment. In all types of business you have to make some hard decisions and act like a cold stone but in B2G, it’s more frequent. You are not the sole decision maker and that makes you less flexible so if you can’t be hard to make this type of (we can call it harsh) decisions then leave Business to Government idea for good.


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