A dilemma for all startup CEO’s: boss or a leader

boss or a leader

We all have faced different managers and CEO’s types and we know that working with them needs special approach. But you don’t want to remain an employee forever and that’s a fact for people who want to improve; in this case what kind of CEO will you be? There are two types of CEO in general and they are either boss or leader. You may think that boss is not a nice term but as a CEO, some time you have to act like a boss and sometime you should take the role of a leader. I this article we will discuss one of the most important questions any of you may have and that a dilemma for all startup CEO’s: boss or a leader, which one should we be?

In this article we will give you some hints on when you should choose to be a boss or a leader and then it will be up to you to analyze the situation and act accordingly. We have to say that this article is not a guide and its only gives you a total idea so try to experience more and learn from people as well and refer to this article as a base to make things happen the best way as a CEO.

Why do we have to be a boss?

Bosses are people with harder approach toward things, they are solid, no one questions their act (at least in front of them) and they have almost absolute power to say something and others should do as they say. We need to be boss in some cases that may need cold and hard decisions and if you don’t act like a boss then others may question what you say even if it is right. It may be due to misunderstanding or lack of information and even personal problems but if you act like a boss, these things can’t break the barrier around the boss type CEO and this means progress for your work.

Remember that a team needs a leader and if you are the boss then someone close to you should take the leader role in order to manage the things smoothly.

When do we have to be boss?

There are projects that you are directly involved in the process and there are ones that you have minimal interactions with the team and they only report the progress to you. If you work in the second type then you have to act like a boss. Leading the team is a duty that someone else should take care of and you should only analyze the things as a whole.

Another case that you have to act as a boss is when crisis happens. This crisis may arise based on different situation but you have to be hard and a little bit cold in decision making to solve the problem fast. A leader will find it hard to fire someone but a boss can do it without the struggle of the other type so it’s easy to see that you have to be boss or a leader (which is obviously boss In this case) to make the things right.

Why do we have to be a leader?

Leader is a lot closer to its team than what we expect from boss. Leader may know personal problems that the team has, they may chat about family and fun when they are not into work and having a break (which a boss will and should never do) and these kinds of acts will make the team closer.

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A leader is always the first in the line to solve the problem and unlike the boss, won’t wait for report and result to decide what the team did was right r not. Leaders always get involved in the process and correct the course while performing actions and this is why any team needs a leader.

When do we have to be a leader?

It’s a little bit simpler than being a boss. Usually young and talented people are sensitive and need extra care. They are willing to listen to people who are closer to them and if they feel like they are forced to do something then they may lose the sparkles of brilliance they have within them. So in order to make them involved in the business then you should act as a leader. Be there for them when they are confused or even when they have some sort of problem which roots from the outside and they will return your trust with hard work.

Leaders are always willing to listen to the team. Even if you don’t agree to something then don’t splash it all over the employees face ant don’t outright reject it, listen to them and then give them some reasons to deny that request. If you act like a boss then you will face persistence under the surface and that’s a call for trouble. So try to get close to them but don’t lose your sense of management, they should always see you as a superior that came closer to them by choice and if they feel otherwise then you will have a hard time managing your team. If you can’t manage all your teams then be a boss for them and act as the leader for your team leaders and mangers.

Final word and conclusion

So when you ask yourselves that you should be a boss or a leader then you should think that your team, your project and your company is in which state and this means that you have to analyze things with a high attention to details. If you can’t make the things right as a leader then you may consider being a boss and the same type of logic goes for the opposite.

But you have to remember a very important thing; you can’t switch between being a boss or a leader when you want to. It needs time and skill to do that and usually it is much harder in the middle of a project. If you have any experience in this case then feel free to share it with us and leave a comment down below so everyone can use what you gained in the business because it is valuable for us and other members of startupik. We remind you one more time that this article is only a reference and you can’t apply it without further study and experience so never underestimate the power of learning in the process of working but read books and other articles to get your knowledge better than what you are now, believe us when we say there is always more to learn no matter if you are boss or a leader.

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