Best startup tools in 2017 (part Two)

Best startup tools in 2017 (part Two)

This is the second prat of our four part article about the best tools that any startup could use in 2017. You can read this article to get the basic knowledge about the tools available out there and use the ones you find useful for your own startup. To read part one, you can click here.

We have tried to pick these tools based on more than one criteria.  All of these tools are economically acceptable and they are all fast and reliable as we have mentioned before, there is no specific order in this list that shows priority for one tool over another and we simply sorted the list alphabetically. So here we go with part two of Best startup tools in 2017.

Dropbox Paper

This tool helps you to work on documents with your team. This tools is fairly new but its design and features are great. You can create documents on cloud and work on it with all of your team members. This tool is one of the Best startup tools in 2017 but it most probably repeat its presence in the next year list.


Taking notes of multiple things can be hard sometimes and tools like Evernote can create a platform to take notes anytime you like.  You can search your notes, attach multiple files to them and a lot also has a business version with expanded features.


Not all the payments are done immediately and keeping the track of them is a very hard task. Due is a tool which helps you keep track of duo dates and payment deadlines. There are tons of features in this tool and  it will definitely help you as a startup.


If you are into development then you already know what Github is and you can skip this point and go for the next. But if you don’t know Github then we have to say that it is a huge world. Github is an amazing development platform for people to manage their projects and revie their codes using other developers help.

 Gmail Canned Responses

We see a lots of emails in our daily works and we definitely send a handful of them our self. Sometimes we repeat almost the same thing and waste some time to do so. Gmail Canned Responses is a tool which creates templates from emails and you can accelerate your communications using them. This toll may even save between 30 minutes to 1 hour of your daily time.

G Suite

There is a little chance that you might not know what is G Suit but we will explain this amazing tool set for those who don’t know it. G Suite is a pack contains Gmail, google calendar, G docs and G Drive. These tools and make your work a lot easier and it’s a must have for all raising startups.


Many startups have problem with human resources or HR. if you have these troubles and you don’t have enough financial resources to hire a HR manager then Gusto is definitely one of the Best startup tools in 2017 for you. It will help you manage payrolls and reports as CEO of a startup.


You might have amazing ideas and build your startup based on that idea but it doesn’t mean that you are good with money. If you are not good with financial management then try Gust. This toll will help you manage your equity and use the possibility to get funds from multiple startup accelerators. These are only some of the reasons why Gust is one of Best startup tools in 2017 and there is a whole world to explore in this tool which you should discover it by yourself.

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