Believe it or not, this startup launched a Satellite without FCC Permission

Believe it or not, this startup launched a Satellite without FCC Permission

We all know that things like launching satellites are not funny business but according to FCC (federal communication center) one start up ignored this and launched a satellite without receiving permission from FCC.

As the matter of fact, they sent a request for permission but their launch request was denied, so what did they do? They launched their satellite without paying any attention to authorities. But since even a child knows that it’s almost impossible to sneak a satellite into space then they caught red handed by FCC.

They have sent some cube satellites called Space Bees. These tiny machines are designed for IOT (internet of things) and based on this purpose, there were no problem on launching but FCC had a point; they believed that these micro satellites can create collusion with other satellites in the orbit and that’s why they denied this permission.

Now this start up may get banned from communication network and even their license is in danger because of their law breaking act. This is a great example of why all startups should comply regulations. The morality of the story is that if you have any startup and you want to do anything, then do it legally and then you won’t have any problems such as this one. Believe us, it’s worth the time and effort to get required licenses and permissions so step up and do it legally.

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