The only way to survive in today’s market is this: Be Different

Be Different

Today’s market is wonderful, if you have an idea then you may make a great future for yourself but there is a downside to this story as well, if you want to make it in the business that has already established then you may have a hard time due to heavy competition and unbalance power scale and that should be enough to put you down before you can start. So what is there to avoid this situation and thrive above the crowd? The answer to this question is easy in words and we can say that: The only way to survive in today’s market is this, Be Different. but what does it means to Be Different? how one can be different and a lot of other buts and ifs and today we will explain these to you so you can understand how to fine tune your approach to business and specially startup market.

Start different

This one is obvious and we all know that you should have a unique (at least to some extent) idea to make it in this business (Startup) but the fact is that you should be prepared for many things. First of all there are only few new and fresh ideas that nobody else tried to implement them before so know that a good copy or inspiration is a great thing and you should not only think that if  some parts of your idea is not fresh then you can not make the real deal.

Actually a part of the concept “Be Different” in this point comes directly from this specific line between pure copy and purity of the idea. usually the best startups take the fine line between these two and follow it to the success and this is the difference between idealists, copy cats and these people.

If you want to make it in startup world, try to think what is needed and what is not. A very simple way to do this and Be Different is to draw a simple diagram. Look around you and see what you need that you don’t have access to? then make a list of them and then see which one already has a solution out there that you can use. After this stage, check the power scale, for example if you need something that has a solution provided by Amazon then they will be hard to compete with and the peak of this business has already taken. This doesn’t mean that you cant enter this business but it means that you will have an extremely hard time. So give power rating to solution providers and make a graph with problem at one index and power in the vertical one. The output will give you an idea of which peak is not taken yet and then you can try to go there and try that fee seat to have a higher chance. This is a type of being different that many people ignore it but it can be extremely effective if you implement it right. So start different but do not spend a lot of time here in this stage because that peak will not remain free forever and others may take it before you make a move for your next stage.

Be different while running business

OK you have started well and launched your business but whats next? If you only do what you do then people will coma and overtake you in no time so you have to remain different to remain solid in the business. People may come to your field and your business plan with a lot more money and support and you have to be ready to make them the second option after yourself.

In order to do this, you should have expansion plan for your business. This is what you can do: make another chart but with more depth and analysis this time. instead of focusing on different solutions, focus on different aspects of the same solution and find out what you can do to make it better.

The great news is that you are not alone in this stage and you already have a team. Try brain storming session and get the ideas form the other people in your team. another good way to get the ideas and possible problems is getting it from your customers and users. In order to do this, you must go on and get feedback from them. another way is conducting special events and giving prize to winners with the best ideas for you. These may cost you a little but they can make your ground solid and make you successful in the business.

So get ready for new ideas, implement them in time and stay one step ahead of the rivals. this is what we call being different while remaining relevant to market.

Get ready for more

Being different wont stop there and it continues as long as you are working. If you are familiar with Paradigm shift then you will find this part easy as a pie but if you are not then I will explain it to you in a short paragraph.

Whenever you start a business, you will have a paradigm that will fly toward success. this paradigm will not remain successfully relevant for ever and you should be ready to make changes and shift your paradigm before it starts to fall down. If your company stick to only one business in a long time then other businesses or better versions of the same paradigm will take its place and you will be cast into shadow to watch your business die. But if you are ready and you know that you are at the top of your game then it is time to start the next stage of your business life.

Try to find a new paradigms and slowly shift your focus toward it and then this paradigm will go on like the one before and someday you should change it too. SO if you cant change the world will change and leave you behind and the only way to cope with this fast change rate is to Be different and going for your next adventure before this one ends.

If we want to summarize what we have said so far then we have to say you must Start different, be ready for changes within the business and eventually be ready to change the business itself and that’s what we call being different. Many people will come in as a one dimensional business entity and wont change which lead to their demise but all of the successful companies are ready to change. Amazon business shifted to cloud and AI in the recent years, Microsoft ditched the lost paradigm of windows mobile (even if it was a little bit later than it should be) and Facebook changed from a social network website to an active entity in the fields such as Virtual reality and if these examples are enough evidence for you then i guess you are not made for startup and should go for a more traditional business type.

So these points were only some of many things you should know to be different and this means that we have a lot more ground to cover. Do you know anything about this article that you think we have missed and it worth enough to be there? let us know and share it with us so others can use your experience and spread it to all of our readers. If you need more of the same then let me know and I will put it in my plans to give you more tips and tricks on how to perform this approach and if you have anything else to say about this article or you have any other suggestion or special article that you might need then share it with us and we will be happy to get back to you.


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