Why anger management is essential for any CEO

anger management

Anger management is not an easy feat and it is extremely hard to maintain as a personal trait and that’s why many people are not too eager to put the effort to maintain it but if you are or you want to be a leader in startup world then you must learn anger management and keep it as a critical trait. In this article we will explain some tricks in order to learn and maintain anger management so get your paper and pen ready to learn a great useful thing for your startup life.

Why we need anger management?

This question is the most essential part of this article. We all need anger management because without it we would be primitive. This is one of the most important things we are supposed to have as a leader because if you do not have any means to maintain your anger management then you should consider leaving the business as a whole. In the business people are tend to attack you and your team and your product and they count on your reaction. If you fail at performing anger management then you will do as they have planned and this means that you cannot run your business in the productive way and your team will fail or feel a huge amount of pressure from inside and outside.

If you can manage this then you can manage the tension coming from the ever growing business and rivals. Many of your rivals will not play fair and they count on your anger to make a wrong move but if you know the concept of anger management‌ and implement it into your business then you will have an amazing chance to make your company move forward. Anger will disturb your regular thinking pattern and force you to take a decision as fast as possible even in times you need to relax and think and focus on the problem to find a solution.

Another aspect of anger management is human side of a team. When you have a team of employees with more than a handful of different people then it will be hard to see all of them are the same type of characters. It is true that you can make your team a little bit closer by selecting right people in your interview based on their culture and similarities to your goal but still there are people you have to face when it comes to opposite thinking. Without this your company will be a one dimensional entity that cannot progress in all sides and progress in a single side will only cause you fragility and make you prone to failure. So if you have the art of anger management then you will leave anger out of this equation and listen to what they say and they will provide you will a gem of perspective that you would have missed in anger. This is a exactly why you need anger management and you need to maintain it during your time of work. Do not think of people like Steve jobs as an example because when they showed their anger, they had plans for it and it was a part of a whole greater scenario. Their companies were well established and they had enough power to change the market at will and that’s why a new and rising startup will never be able to mimic this attitude and approach at the early stages of its life and you should keep a lower profile and keep your head cool and calm.

How can we learn anger management?

Well to be honest, it is a hard road. You cannot learn anger management in one sitting and it is not like something you can learn in a sort amount of time. First of all you should know that anger management is the combination of controlling your body and your mind at the same time and in order to gain either of them, you should practice a lot.

The first part is your body, when the body is tired, the whole mind will be affected. For example compare yourself when you have not eaten anything for a long time and you when you had your regular meal, this is easy to understand that physical aspect of being a human and needs such as food, drink and etc. will be there to make your brain stop working as it normally does so if you want to make your mind strong then you should keep your body in track. Drink a lot of water every day, it will help you maintain freshness in the whole day and you will get a lot more than people who are avoiding water. On the other hand we have meals, yes in startup life you may have to skip some of your meals but never forget to keep nutrition available for yourself. Your life is not something you took out of Sci Fi books and your brain needs fuel in order to work well so keep some dried nuts or protein bars with you all the time so whenever you had to skip a meal, you can get a bite of them and re energize yourself for the next round. The last thing is sleep, when you have lack of sleep, you are tend to be more inaccurate and nervous and these two are the golden combination who can ruin your anger management.

The other part of this equation is mind. You have to train your mind to maintain peace, some people find meditation effective and some people find other methods but I personally use a switch off time. In each day I leave a slot of time for me. In this time I will forget about business and watch a movie or play some video games or meet an old friend and etc. Another way to do this is family, family times can be a blessing, go and meet your mother, grandmother, sister, brother or anyone who can keep you calm and you can make a great improvement only by meeting them. There are many other ways to do the same thing but you should try and figure out what works for you and use it on regular basis. But please let others know if you have any suggestion on how to make mind stronger in order to maintain your anger management by leaving a comment in its specified section.

So never forget that body and mind are two wings that can lead to anger management and if you make one of them stronger and leave the other one weak then you won’t make it and will fall down hard.

Did you find this article interesting? Was it useful for you? Do you know any other trick that may come in handy for the others to make the anger management more efficient? If you know such this thing then please share it with us and our readers. Leave a comment for us down below and let us know what you think about this article and if you need any specific type of content then please let us know and we will be more than happy to prepare it for you.

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